Mariapaola Ritrovato

Consultant Decisio

I joined Decisio in September 2020, an opportunity that I welcomed with great enthusiasm given the chance to work on some of my most beloved themes: mobility and public space. I collaborate in planning and design activities, combining my more technical skills with socio-behavioural skills, which I consider fundamental for the success of territorial transformations. I consider myself privileged, because not only have I had the chance to make my passion my work, but also because I firmly believe that what we do as Decisio can make a concrete contribution, improving and making our cities more livable. My greatest satisfaction is being able to see the results with my own hands, as many of the interventions on mobility and public space are tangible every day while moving and living the city! So I like to think I am making a small contribution through my work!

And besides work?

I was born and raised in Turin where I live with my family, to whom I am very close. I love the city and I think it has a lot to offer, but also a lot to improve on: this is where my interest in mobility and public space management comes from. As soon as I can I like to take refuge in our house in the mountains, in silence and tranquility. The happiest in this case is Maya well-sized dog, a 25 kg boxer of pure love (and madness)! I dedicate my free time to her and every now and then I can convince her to devote herself to my second passion: watching TV series! I love travelling and I was lucky enough to be able to do it since I was a child. For my graduation a special person gave me the chance to make my dream come true, to travel around Europe by train! A curiosity? Although I know the statistics about accidents and how much the plane is the safest means of transport, I just don’t like to take it, I’m scared and it makes me nervous! My dream is to visit New York, where one of my favourite TV shows is set, so… I’m going to have to overcome my fear!

Projects that impressed you?

My first project with Decisio will stay in my heart: we set up  the guiding design principles for the 30 Zone (cars) in the San Paolo district of Cuneo and the design proposal for tactical urbanism for the city itself. What I liked was the potential of these projects, in fact once completed it will produce tangible benefits for residents and visitors alike, changing the organization of the space and making it more livable. At the moment I am working on another exciting project, the Collegno Mobility Agenda, an abacus of guidelines, indications and design solutions useful for the redesign of mobility spaces. I find that this work can have a real and immediate practical utility. That is why I look forward to continue contributing on it.

Mariapaola Ritrovato Consultant Decisio

Mariapaola Ritrovato


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