Mariapaola Ritrovato


I joined Decisio in the summer of 2020 and I welcomed this opportunity with great enthusiasm because I could work on some of the issues I care the most about, like mobility and public space. I consider myself privileged, not only because I have the opportunity to transfer my passion into my job, but also because I believe that what we do as Decisio can have a real impact, improving and making our cities more livable. My greatest satisfaction is being able to concretely see the results of my work, as many of the interventions on mobility and public space that we plan or design shape how people move around and experience their city. I like to think that, through my work, I am making my part to improve things.

What exactly do you work on at Decisio?

I collaborate on both planning and design projects, combining my technical skills with the so-called “soft skills”, which I consider fundamental for urban transformations. I work mostly in the area of public space and mobility, dealing with cycling in particular. This means taking part in the development of plans such as SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) or Cycling Mobility Plans; at the same time, we developed in the years several feasibility projects for the construction of new cycling infrastructure and in redesigns of public spaces and mobility (traffic calming, Limited Traffic Zones, Tactical Urbanism). I am also part of the team that deals with external communication. So yes, what you see on this site and on social media is also part of my work. Finally, I am also responsible to organize social events, company dinners and team-building activities; I also take care of the birthdays: reminding colleagues that we must buy something and collecting ideas, but in case you were wondering no, I do not choose what to self-gift! My colleagues really know how to surprise me!

What is the request you get the most often from your colleagues?

“Mapi, could you align all the text boxes and images in this document with 1mm accuracy?” Or, “Mapi, could you correct the commas to the paper I wrote?”

And besides work?

I was born and raised in Turin where I live with my family, to whom I am very close. I love this city and think it has a lot to offer, but also a lot to improve on. This is where my interest in mobility and public space management stems from. Whenever I can, I like to escape to our house in the mountains, immersed in silence and tranquility. The happiest one in this case is my big dog Maya, a 25 kg boxer made out of pure love (and madness)! I dedicate my free time to her and sometimes I can convince her to devote us to my second passion: watching TV series!

I love to travel, and I have been lucky enough to do that since childhood. For my graduation, a special person made me to realize a dream: travel around Europe by train. A curiosity about me? Although I know very well the statistics on transport accidents and I know how much the plane is the safest means of transportation ever, I just do not like fly. My dream is to visit New York, where one of my favorite TV shows is set, so… I will have to overcome my fear.

A project of which you are particularly fond?

Mentioning only one project is really difficult – impossible… can we make it two? My first job at Decisio will always hold a special place in my heart. The project consisted in assisting in the design of a Traffic Calming (Zona 30) in the San Paolo neighborhood of the city of Cuneo, in Northern Italy. What I liked the most about the project was its potential to generate tangible benefits for the inhabitants by making the public space more livable.

Moreover, a special mention goes to the Cycling Plan for the Metropolitan City of Milan, called Cambio. It was a planning project that I followed in every detail from start to finish, and that enjoyed a great media coverage and generated significant impact, as it provided a vision for cycling akin to that of other important European cities.

“Working at Decisio” in one word

Future. I associate this word to Decisio both because it is a company that operates according to principles of sustainability and responsibility, protecting our future, our cities, and the environment in general, and because it is here, at Decisio, that I see my own future.

Mariapaola Ritrovato Consultant Decisio

Mariapaola Ritrovato

Consultant Decisio Italia

+39 348 579 1349