Edoardo Campisi


I am passionate about sustainability in urban transport. After a bachelor’s degree in economics and social sciences, I attended a master’s program in Urban and Transport Economics at VU in Amsterdam. My final thesis was an econometric analysis of the social benefits generated by the Area C policy in Milan. After this experience, I did an internship at the Transport Economics laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano, where I learned much about mobility and in particular about public transport and cycling.

What exactly do you work on at Decisio?

I am involved in the analysis of the socioeconomic impacts of active mobility and cycling in particular, for example through Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA), Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) and many others. My main activities regard data collection (sometimes also on-field), analysis and elaboration and the final writing of reports. I am also involved in some administrative tasks related to billing, cashflow management and budget performance.

What is the request you get the most often from your colleagues?

“Hi Edo, could you please send this invoice to…?”

And besides work?

In my free time I really like mountaineering and sleeping in my tent in the nature at high altitudes. When I cannot move away from the city, I climb in the gym. Living in Milan opens a range of possibilities for my leisure: I like to play sports but also to ride my bike around the city to discover hidden spots, beautiful glimpses, and little-visited places. I like to experience the city and see it grow and improve. In my neighborhood I try to help out by volunteering with associations that deal with citizenship issues.

If I cannot go outdoor, I like reading, especially classics. I am passionate about astronomy and astrophysics, especially about the 20th-century astronomy, although as a neophyte.

A project of which you are particularly fond?

I really like projects that start from data analysis and move on to socioeconomic considerations, especially related to active mobility. These projects can provide significant insights for a change in mentality and culture on how people move. Two interesting projects were the one in collaboration with Lime, in which we had to analyze the socioeconomic benefits of scooter and e-bike service in Rome, and with Bosch, that consisted in writing a report on the benefits of eBikes and eCargobikes in terms of both private costs and economic and social impacts.

“Working at Decisio” in one word

Working at Decisio is welcoming, stimulating, and rewarding. Everyone’s skills are truly valued. Decisio has a flexible role structure where responsibilities and credits are shared with other team members. The tasks are very different so you can learn many different aspects of the job of a consultant: writing offers, client and project acquisitions, customer relations or project management activities and many more. In addition, the thing I like the most about Decisio is the company culture: we have very flexible schedules and that allows for a great work-life balance, as well as total transparency about company decision-making processes.

Edoardo Campisi Consultant Decisio

Edoardo Campisi

Consultant Decisio Italia

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