Market research

Market analysis, feasibility studies and business cases.

Operating successfully in complex markets and political situations requires insight into economic and social processes. Based on our knowledge of various markets, we carry out market analyses, market research and competition analyses for governments, private parties, industries and interest groups. We also advise private parties on business cases and business plans.

Market research and its forces

Market research is essential to understand knowledge, innovation, sustainability and market forces. As they are societal issues that are central to the debate on economic development and social welfare. These complex themes, which are often difficult to grasp, require an integrated approach from policymakers, citizens and businesses. Decisio provides support in solving these issues through economic research, evaluations, cost-benefit analyses and strategic explorations.

Effective and efficient government

A lean and strong government is a core value for any modern society. Decisio supports governments, not only in the field of policy recognition and policy evaluations, but also in the field of privatization and market cooperation issues, including public-private partnerships. In addition, we carry out various social cost-benefit analyses, such as in the field of energy, research and sustainability.

  • Social Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Evaluations
  • Economic Impact Assessment

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