Energy & Water

Focus on energy transition, water safety, quality and management

The Netherlands is the waterland par excellence. Over the centuries the landscape of rivers, lakes, canals, dikes, coast and sea, has been formed by nature and man. Social trends and climate development are constantly changing the water landscape. In addition, we in the Netherlands are working hard together to give substance to the energy transition and thus transitioning to more sustainable energy sources.

Getting started with the energy transition

The energy economy in the Netherlands is in a state of flux. International and national agreements ensure that emissions have to be substantially reduced. To be precise, by 49 percent in 2030. Decisio is fully involved in various facets of the energy transition. Partly by taking a close look at the social costs and benefits of sustainable wind energy production at sea. Or, by exploring whether it is socially feasible for a residential area with a green gas digester to become self-sufficient. But also, for example, by analysing the social effects of the realisation of a heat network.

The Netherlands, waterland

The Dutch are known for their dyke and water system in a densely populated delta. Based on centuries of water board management and broad cooperation, a refined and unique water system has emerged. The Dutch water landscape therefore has a rich diversity of water challenges and solutions. For example in the field of water safety: they have primary and secondary flood defences and protection against (too) high water. Or, in terms of water quality and quantity. But also, due to changes of climate, we know how to deal with drought/heat stress, flooding at peak times and issues relating to salinization. Decisio supports governments in water-related issues. We do this by means of policy and programme evaluations and social cost and benefit analyses, among other things.

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