Regional and urban economy

The strength of an innovative and competitive economy

Innovation, competition, good accessibility and an excellent business climate underpin the Dutch economy. Within this, various cities and regions are distinguished, each with their own strengths. Decisio supports municipalities and regions in various economic issues. These include area development and work locations, international employees and organisations and tourism, recreation and events.

The economic environment and its dynamics

The more classical approach to the urban or regional economy with sectors and SBI codes is no longer sufficient to capture current economic environment and dynamics. Regions and municipalities focus their policy on cross-sector clusters and ‘ecosystems’. These include logistics and distribution, agriculture and agribusiness, port-industrial complexes, leisure and free time. Or more abstract themes such as knowledge economy or circular economy.

Support on multiple fronts

Our services in the field of regional and urban economy are diverse. We support municipalities and regions with, among other things, vision and strategy formation. For example, in the form of (co-)drawing up policy and action plans. In addition, we regularly carry out market studies, evaluations or economic impact studies. These may include assessing and measuring the effects of economic policy, sector-specific questions or the assessment of the economic effects of organisations such as knowledge institutes or international organisations. We also carry out monitoring studies, specifically in the field of ‘international’ economics where knowledge workers and labour migrants are concerned in relation to issues of housing, target group policy and education.

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    Logistics and Transport
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    Sustainable Mobility & Infrastructure
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