Sustainable mobility knows no limits

Towards a sustainable future

Mobility is essential for the functioning of our economy. Investment in infrastructure therefore remains necessary, in addition to behavioural change. But where and how can we best spend the limited euros? A simple question, but the answer is often complex. Because safety, affordability, comfort, sustainability and reliability are all important and every euro can only be spent once. Decisio helps policymakers and administrators to make choices between all these aspects.

Making choices

What is the effect of travel information on people’s behaviour? Which travel expense reimbursement suits my company best, can I save costs and better meet the wishes of my people? Should we stimulate transport by water? Mobility is about making choices. Decisio illustrates this: which means of transport do people choose and why, do we want to and can we influence this choice? These questions play an important role in public investments for car mobility, cycling and walking, public transport or electric transport. Our advisors support this by carrying out social cost-benefit analyses (SCBAs), economic impact studies, evaluations and market studies.

Numbers and ‘the story behind it’

Decisio conducts research for policymakers and administrators who are faced with an important choice around mobility. We do this in the first instance by providing insight into the possibilities and the (financial) consequences. After all, reliable figures form the basis for every decision-making process. However, figures alone sometimes do not say everything. That is why we also like to help our clients interpret figures and ‘the story behind it’.

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