About us

Decisio: experts in economic issues

Decisio is a Dutch private economic research consultancy specialized in (spatial) economic issues. Active in the fields of spatial economics, mobility, infrastructure and ‘markets, governments and society’.

Our research is at the service of decision-makers

As a private research company based in the Netherlands, we are proud of producing research reports that can withstand the test of criticism. Also through our consultancy services we help translate these analyses into effective implementation strategies. By doing so, we think with the client about the process: Who are the stakeholders? What are their interests and views? How can this be handled smartly and how you involve parties without relinquishing control?

A wide range of products and services

Our diversified portfolio of products and services includes feasibility studies, market analyses, business cases, economic impact studies, input and output analyses, social cost-benefit analyses (SCBAs), evaluation studies, vision development and implementation strategies. We also provide project and process managers and second Decisio consultants to the client.

Our team and tools

Our most important ‘business value’ is and remains our team of driven, enthusiastic and engaged consultants. Motivated by the output they deliver. Our team is formed by economists, econometricians, geographers, planners and administrative experts who are strong professionals who enjoy their work. They have a keen eye for the clients’ interests and – not to be overlooked – are pleasant to work with. Furthermore, Decisio has at its disposal  various self-developed models, databases and tools that provide a solid basis for the economic research and advice that they deliver.