Economic Impact Assessment

Sight on economic significance and impact

The analysis of economic effects is a simple and quick way to visualize the economic significance of a project, market, company or organization. The economic effects study provides you with insight into the direct and indirect contribution to the economy and society. For example when it comes to the number of jobs, turnover or added value in a region. What does a certain (policy) development mean for the regional economy or a specific sector?

Significance of economic importance

The analysis of economic effects and impact is pre-eminently a simple and quick way to gain a good insight into the economic significance of markets, sectors, companies and organisations or for area development. What is the direct and indirect added value and employment in a region of a company or sector? What effect has a certain (policy) development for the regional economy or a specific sector?

Decisio has been responsible for carrying out various economic impact studies, regional input and output analyses, analyses of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), economic evaluations and survey studies.

Economic effects of policy, market or project

Key concepts in economic effects and impact studies carried out by Decisio include: recreation and tourism, culture, sports, water sports, accommodation (hotels, marinas, recreational homes, campsites), cruise market, yacht market, coast, airports, energy sector, bicycle industry, conference acquisition and the food industry.

Economic impact

In addition to the direct economic effects and significance, it is also important to provide insight into the economic effects of policy, a market or project. After all, a market does not stand alone. By supplying and tendering, there are also economic knock-on effects or ‘multiplier’ effects. Decisio uses a regional-economic input/output model, developed in-house, to gain insight into the indirect economic effects and significance. In addition to insight into the direct economic significance, this enables us to gain a clear picture of the indirect economic impact and significance of policy or a market.

  • Social Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Market research
  • Evaluations

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