Edoardo Campisi

Junior Consultant

I am passionate about sustainability in urban transport. After the bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences, I attended a master’s degree in Urban and Transport Economics at VU in Amsterdam. My final work was an econometric analysis of the benefits brought by the implementation of Area C in Milan.
After this experience I returned to Milan for an internship at the Transport Economics Lab of the Politecnico in Milan. In this experience I have deepened the themes of mobility, with a focus on public transport and cycling.
Although on these topics I have an economic approach, during my post-graduate experiences I have always been curious, open and proactive towards other approaches. Decisio’s was an unmissable opportunity, where a group of professionals in all fields collaborate putting at the service of their expertise on sustainable mobility issues.

And besides your work?

In my free time I like to go to the mountains, sleeping in tents and being in contact with nature at high altitudes. I have also done a course of mountaineering and one of climbing, although I admit not with very good results. When I cannot move from the city, I try to climb in the gym.
Living in Milan allows me to have a lot of possibilities, I like to do sports, ride my bike around the city discovering hidden corners, views and little-visited places. I like to live the city and see it growing and improving. In my area I try to help by volunteering with associations that deal with issues related to citizenship.
If I cannot go out (which has happened often in the last year), I like to read, especially classics. I am passionate about astronomy and astrophysics, especially after twentieth century, although I admit I don’t fully understand it.


Right now, we are working on a cost-benefit analysis of a bike highway project between Milan and Malpensa. I believe that projects of this type are very important because they represent milestones for a change of mentality on sustainable mobility issues in Italy.
Another interesting project concerns the cost-benefit of an off-shore wind farm off the coast of Rimini. For me it is very stimulating because on the one hand it represents a new field of analysis and on the other it is unique in the Italian panorama.