Bicycle highways and bike parkings

Together under way for a good cycling infrastructure

Policy attention for cycling has strongly increased in recent years. Good cycling infrastructure forms the basis for stimulating the use of the bike. Decisio helps its clients at home and abroad to determine what ‘good cycling infrastructure’ should be and supports planning.

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In recent years Decisio has been involved in the development of dozens of (highways) cycling routes and inner city cycling infrastructure. Experiences with all these projects have taught us that for the successful development of cycling infrastructure, in addition to the obvious attention to civil-engineering aspects, it is also important to pay attention to social and political support, quantitative substantiation of choices and insight into effects and financing constructions. We have various self-developed methods at our disposal to carry out research into this, such as potential analyses and social cost-benefit analyses.

Bicycle infrastructure

Whether it concerns fast, through or recreational cycling routes, works of art or any other cycling infrastructure, there are always phases in the planning in which our tools prove their usefulness. This can be to demonstrate the usefulness and necessity of a project, but also to compare project variants. It is not uncommon for our studies to be eye openers for clients about how sensible – and sometimes nonsensical – investing in bicycle infrastructure is.

Bicycle parking

There are also many questions concerning bicycle parking where our analyses can help to make the right policy choices. This may concern the construction and management of bicycle parking facilities, but also operational or enforcement issues. Space is a scarce commodity, especially in (inner) cities and station environments. It is therefore very important to think carefully about how bicycle parking can be organised effectively and efficiently.

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