Logistics and Transport

Essential for the economy

Decisio being based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is well aware of the important role it plays in international trade chains and production processes. This is due to its favourable location in Northwest Europe, but is also related to the infrastructure of the port of Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and the multimodal hinterland connections (rail, road and water). The added value activities and services in these main ports and around international transport are also important, as are the trade activities and a number of sectors that are highly export-oriented. What applies to the Netherlands applies to some cities and regions in particular. The relationship between citizens and administrators is often ambivalent: there is much discussion as to whether the economic benefits outweigh the burden on the environment. At the local level, urban distribution also plays a role, in which the effects of parcel and grocery delivery and meal delivery call for new facilities and measures. Decisio helps to develop on its Dutch expertise (port) visions, business cases of storage, transhipment and distribution facilities, effect analyses, the development of scenarios and exploitation models.

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