Area development and business sites

Work locations with dynamics and diversity

Cities are dynamic, which offers opportunities for area and property development with a variety of social effects on the area itself and its immediate surroundings. The ‘classic’ one-dimensional work location is now almost non-existent. The interwovenness of several functions in the area now sets the tone. Decisio supports clients with issues relating to area development and work locations.

Urbanisation and densification

Many municipalities face the challenge of providing more space for living and working in the coming years. In addition, there is the desire to live in places with good facilities, cultural offerings and employment opportunities. This means, especially in the Randstad conurbation, a major urban compaction challenge. This often means the transformation and redevelopment of an existing built-up area which, in addition to living and working, also provides opportunities for sustainability. For example, when it comes to natural gas-free homes, climate-neutral heating facilities and climate-adaptive interventions. Decisio supports municipalities in the decision-making process surrounding area development. We do this by working out development alternatives and calculating the economic and social costs and benefits. The result is a clear overview of alternatives and effects.

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