Infographic: Investing in cycling

  • 17 April 2019

Cycling consulting

Over the last few years Decisio | Economic Consulting specialised in economic studies of cycling and bikenomics. Our studies identify and address cycling issues and opportunities in cities. We help to create strategies to deliver economic impact and help to establish supporting public programmes. Check for more background: Decisio and Bikenomics.

Infographic: investing in cycling

cyclingThe consultants of Decisio have contribute to the Agenda of Tour de Force by providing an infographic about the social benefits of bicycling. Tour de Force (a partnership between governments, companies, civil society organisations and research institutes) wants to increase the number of kilometres cycled by 20% over the next decade. To reach this objective, the Joint Bicycle Agenda 2017-2027 has been released. Important is that if we continue to achieve the growth of bicycling in the Netherlands, we can be an international role mode for resolving global challenges such as a climate-neutral economy, liveable cities, and a healthy lifestyle. The Decisio infographic Investing in Cycling is available in English.

Our studies identify and address bicycling issues and opportunities in cities, help to create strategies to deliver economic impact and help to establish supporting public programmes.

Decisio has broad experience in the field of economic research and consulting with regard to the bicycle, cycling, bicycle economics and bicycles impact on society. Based in a cycling city and country (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) ‘par excellence’ we can build on extensive knowledge on the benefits of bicycling to cities and countries. During the last years we specialised in:

  • Research on insights in all social costs and benefits of the bicycle / cycling (SCBA method)
  • Economic impact analyses of the city ‘cycling’ economy
  • Feasibility studies and business cases for:
    • Investments in bicycling infrastructure and measures such as bicycle lanes, bicycles highway routes, bicycle bridges, safety etc.
    • Bicycle parkings, facilities and measures
  • Mobility scans
  • Market inventories

More information?

For more information on Tour de Force or what Decisio can do for you in terms of research into the social costs and benefits of bicycling, bicycle parking and cycling infrastructure, get in touch with Kees van Ommeren, partner of Decisio (c.vanommeren [at] decisio. nl). Telephone: 0031-20-6700562.

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