Bikenomics & Walkonomics

Working together to create an attractive and accessible city

Sustainable mobility is attracting increasing interest from municipalities and provinces. Cycling’, bicycle parking, bicycle infrastructure and walking are increasingly determining the public agenda. Economic research and consultancy firm Decisio supports local authorities, ministries and intermediary organisations with economic research in the field of cycling and walking.

Bikenomics and walkonomics

Bikenomics and walkonomics were developed and given substance at Decisio. Everyone knows that it is healthy to cycle and walk. And, that a city is more attractive with fewer cars and more cyclists, pedestrians and greenery. But how important do we think that is? What effects do they have and to whom do they end up? And then, how much should you invest in this as a city? And what is the effect for entrepreneurs of making a street or neighbourhood car-free? By answering these kinds of questions, in the Netherlands, but also increasingly in other countries and especially in Italy, we help cities and regions to increase their attractiveness.

Decisio’s advisors will be happy to help you:

    • Getting cycling and walking on the agenda
    • Research whether public funds for cycling and walking are well spent
    • The question of how to divide the costs for cycling and walking
    • Research which solutions for cycling and walking are possible and what is preferable
    • The question of whether walking and cycling can’t come up with much smarter solutions instead of investing in, for example, public transport or car mobility.

In the video below, an introduction on bikenomics is given: what is it, how is it done, and how to get cycling on the political agenda.

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