Thijs Visscher


I have been working at Decisio since 2023. With a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in finance, my background is financially-oriented. After completing my master’s degree, I gained most of my experience in the real estate sector (first as a financial consultant working for housing corporations and later as a mortgage advisor). After two years, I realized that I was missing the societal issues that had enthused me during my studies. This led me to have a conversation with Decisio. What appeals to me about working at Decisio is the opportunity to develop myself in various areas. The variety involved, coupled with the societal engagement, makes me head to the office every morning with a lot of energy.

And besides your work?

I live in Utrecht together with my girlfriend, Marise. Besides my work, I enjoy sportive active. I try to go to the mountains for hiking or (tour) skiing at least twice a year, since last year I caught the ‘running virus’, and I am actively involved in the lower divisions of amateur football (soccer) in Utrecht.