Simone Vos


I have been active at Decisio since September 2023. Before starting at Decisio, I graduated from Tilburg University with a bachelor’s degree in economics & business economics and a master’s degree in behavioral economics. Due to my economic background, there are a lot of opportunities within Decisio to work on different projects, but my interests lie mostly by projects in sustainability, mobility, and water. At Decisio I can put my expertise in behavioral economics to use by not only looking at which choices people make, but also why people make these choices.

And besides your work?

I grew up as a ‘cheesehead’ in Alkmaar, but I moved to Tilburg when I was 18 for college. Alkmaar always stayed in my heart and you can still find me there visiting friends and family or watching a football match of AZ. Besides that, I also play handball. I started as a child and am still playing to this day. First, at the local handball club in Alkmaar, but now at the student handball association in Tilburg. The accompanying activities and drinks are always a fun bonus.