Peter Haanen

I have been working at Decisio since the spring of 2021. After completing my study Economics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, I worked in the cultural sector in various operational positions. At Decisio we conduct research into broad economic issues. I find themes such as energy transition, regional and urban economics, market forces and infrastructure not only interesting, but also valuable from a social point of view. As a consultant, I focus on business cases, data analyses, SCBAs and other economic analyses and research. As complex as certain issues are, so complex can the solution methodology be. The key is to get the message across clearly and uncomplicated, and preferably with a nice graph attached!

And besides your work?
I live in Amsterdam with my girlfriend and son. The dynamic aspect of the city, with its many cultures, gives me a lot of energy. I can often be found in the various museums, parks and venues. Furthermore, I practice several sports, such as soccer and kickboxing. Chess is my favorite game of choice, preferably played in a café alongside a beer.