Michela Lucchini


I am a Landscape Architect, and it is what I dreamed of becoming. My education began at the High School of Art with an architectural focus, then I attended a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Forestry Science directed toward green design and finally a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture.
I come from the city of Brescia and during my studies I lived in Imola, Milan, Genoa, Budapest, and Turin …where I finally chose to settle in. These experiences have been a great lesson for me in terms of cultural exchange and knowledge of different territories. My work experience over the years has led me to define my areas of design: working on cities and public spaces. I love being in nature and observing landscapes, so thinking about transformations of places by incorporating greenery is what I like to do.

I design social spaces, places that are pleasant “to be in”, putting trees in the right place, and proposing nature-based design solutions. I feel like this has become my mission, partly in response to the climate suffering we have been experiencing in the last years that generates my desire to try to change the world.

What exactly do you work on at Decisio?

In Decisio I reinvent cities: as an architect, I imagine the transformation of new spaces affected by walking and cycling mobility, and I draw and graphically represent the infrastructure. Moreover, as a landscape architect specifically I think about how to make each place more environmentally livable: I put trees, plants, and street furniture …in the right place!

What is the request you get the most often from your colleagues?

I opened Decisio’s Instagram profile because I enjoy it and I like to communicate to the outside world the many projects Decisio has done over the years. So it happens that the request is “Michi, are you coming to take some pictures for Instagram?”

And besides work?

I was born into a family of camper travelers, so I was stimulated from an early age to travel. Therefore, from the time I was able to do it independently, I basically never stopped. I often plan trips with the purpose of discovering alternative destinations and underrated places even a few miles from home, and I especially like to see the most modern landscape parks for inspiration. From multiple backpacking trips to meet friends across Europe, to great Flixbus crossings, to the dream of traveling by van, which I realized at the age of 30 by renting it in Berlin for a Baltic Sea tour. When I am inspired and have time to stop and observe the sights, I like to draw city features with my black Bic pen. In my spare time, there is no shortage of nature treks to regenerate my mind and refill me with energy, to observe and learn about botanical and animal species, and to enjoy evenings with friends. Walking, cycling and occasionally getting out of my comfort zone are the things that make me feel the best!

A project of which you are particularly fond?

The projects I followed regarded different cities in Italy, and what I was most excited about was getting into the actual “soul” of the territories, understanding the needs, and planning for sustainable mobility. During work I try to reason as a citizen/cyclist: I would like to improve the walkability and livability of the routes and the connections to the main nodes, so participating in the decision-making processes involving the municipalities and the various actors that gravitate around the cities is fundamental in order to give answers and have a comprehensive vision of planning on a larger scale.

“Working at Decisio” in one word?

Fresh air! When it comes to the environment and sustainability, I would like to propose many things and at Decisio I know that I can. I feel I am part of a team where everyone is critical to its success but also to the maintaining of the all-important balance of work and private life. The environment is peaceful and being able to express oneself and confront each other with total freedom is definitely an added value to the company, which offers potential for both personal and professional growth. Finally, being part of a multidisciplinary team stimulates me to get to know everyone’s points of view, and it is interesting to recognize in everyone the sensitivity and vision for many sustainability issues and how everyone would like to address them.

Michela Lucchini

Consultant Decisio Italia

+39 339 62 32 858