Max Celant

In April 2023 I started at Decisio as an intern. During this period I participated in several projects and at the same time performed my graduation research, a quantitative analysis on the effect of urban density on residential real estate prices in VINEX locations. After completing my master’s degrees in ‘spatial, Transport & Environmental Economics’ and ‘Economics – Public Policy’ at the VU University Amsterdam, I will be working as a consultant from July 2023. Within my first mentioned master’s program I specialized in urban- and regional economics and real estate economics and finance, which means that I now mainly focus on projects in the field of urban and spatial (economic) development, real estate, infrastructure and mobility.

And besides your work?
I grew up in Hoorn and moved to Amstelveen at the age of eleven. In my free time I like to go out with my girlfriend, to Amsterdam or elsewhere in the country. In addition, I can occasionally be found in a café or restaurant with friends, or in the stands at an Ajax football match. I am also very interested in what other countries have to offer, so I like to travel to distant destinations for an active holiday.