Francesca Montisci


I am a data analyst with an economics background and interested in socio-economic issues. During my Economics’ bachelor course at the University of Florence, I decided to focus on statistics and econometrics. This motivated me to continue my studies at the University of Pisa where I attended the master’s degree in Data Science. I enjoy analyzing data, discovering new patterns, and translating them into information, but most of all I like to be surprised by the numbers because sometimes they reveal an unexpected scenario. Finally, when I approach data analysis, I always wonder about the reason behind the collection of the data I am working on. Even the lack of data is indeed an important piece of information to be taken into account.

What exactly do you work on at Decisio?

I have been working at Decisio since May 2023 as a data analyst supporting urban and mobility planning. In my daily work I use data to extract information that describes mobility choices and patterns, and that are functional to project decision making. The idea is to promote concrete change on a large scale starting from the evidence of the data and always going through the involvement of people and active listening of all the stakeholders.

What is the request you get the most often from your colleagues?

“Hey Fra, could you find some data on…”

And besides work?

I enjoy practicing yoga and discovering the city and unfamiliar places by bike and on foot. Sunset is my favorite time of the day, and nothing relaxes me more than a walk in the park along the river. Another thing I like to spend time on is cooking for myself and friends, with some music playing and enjoying a glass of wine. For me, a true act of love and sharing!

For the past few years, I have also been into stand-up comedy: those who know me well know that I am very sarcastic, but it is a side that I do not show to everyone. I would like to find the courage to express myself in public but for the moment I just listen.

Finally, there are also many things I do not like to do. On Sunday mornings I let time flow between a good book and some relaxation, no reckless planning for me!

A project of which you are particularly fond?

I am currently involved in a variety of projects, from urban planning to active participation projects. My personal challenge is to contribute to a desired change by combining data’s insight with active listening of the people and communities that will benefit from it.

“Working at Decisio” in one word?

Working at Decisio is challenging and fulfilling! My colleagues are nice, respectful and I can learn a lot from them, humanly and professionally. Right from the start, I appreciated the transparency and involvement required by each person in the management of company activities. The decision-making process is shared, and this makes me feel comfortable expressing any doubts and concerns but also to be proactive all-round. I also feel very encouraged and supported by the team in trying activities that I have never experienced but for which I would like to improve my skills.

Francesca Montisci

Consultant Decisio Italia

+39 340 198 6553