Decisio: economic consulting

economic consultingDecisio supports public authorities and corporations during all stages of the strategic decision making cycle by means of designing strategies, comparing alternatives, implementing policies and measuring effects. Our advisory services are focused on the economics of policy and investments and on the communication between the originators and the aimed target groups. Such an effective cooperation and communication strategy between parties is paramount and means that all Decisio projects are concluded satisfactory. Decisio consultants are familiar with all of the sensitivities, which may occur during the negotiation between different parties, and play an essential role in carrying forward policy intentions and business plans.

Process management

Decisio advisors work with various parties, which include: public authorities, large and small-scale corporations, interest groups and local branch organisations. During these projects it is crucial to create understanding and support with everyone involved. Our advisors are therefore experienced in initiating and supporting such processes by listening to each individual party and recognizing their strengths. Furthermore, Decisio uses a wide range of process management tools such as: workshops, purpose-means inventories, project management and collective business planning, all of which contribute to the efficiency of the service and satisfaction of the customer.

Standard methodologies

Decisio has developed standard methodologies and operating procedures while still maintaining individual service and recognition of each client’s individual needs. These methodologies have been developed with expertise gained from a variety of projects and assist clients in making complex decisions.

Our approach

  • Consultancy – a people’s job: The employees of Decisio are professional, methodical and flexible consultants with a strong knowledge base. As a conscientious and pleasant working team, they assess, plan, implement and evaluate each individual project in order to achieve what is always best for the client.
  • Dealing with different parties: Decisio advisors are accustomed to dealing with several parties with differing interests and needs.
  • Uniformed support: During the consultation process, we take the goals and interests of all parties involved into account. Moreover, Decisio does not believe in imposing measures on our clients without their full cooperation and support.
  • Flexibility: The work method at Decisio is one of resilience. Our advisors are trained on anticipating and adapting to modified insights in all decision-making projects.
  • Consolidation and follow-up: At the conclusion of a project, Decisio’s advisors will have developed a strategy for the client which can easily be managed and executed long after completion.