Michel Noussan


I am an energy engineer and have worked as a researcher for several years, both in universities and in a private research foundation. I have carried out research on topics related to energy systems analysis, district heating networks, renewable energy and the transport sector. In parallel, I have developed skills in data analysis, which has allowed me to approach some topics in a more comprehensive way. I have taught several university courses, at the Politecnico di Torino and at the Paris School of International Affairs. I started collaborating occasionally with Decisio in 2020, for a data analysis activity applied to mobility projects. During the following year, I gradually increased my involvement, and now work on several projects. I believe that my scientific approach can be useful in the different activities we face, as well as the experience I have gained in the past in multidisciplinary collaboration with different professionals.

And besides the work?

Born and raised in Valle d’Aosta, I have always lived the mountains and I have fallen in love with them. Over the years, I have experienced them from different perspectives, as a hiker, mountaineer, on skis, on a bike, with a paraglider, both alone and with my friends. In general, I like to immerse myself in the nature, to isolate myself from the noise of the city and everyday life and let my thoughts run free. I am also passionate about photography and travel, and I have often been lucky enough to be able to combine these different passions. I also really enjoy reading, being able to immerse myself in a story lived by someone else, watching the world around us with different eyes, which I think is an experience we should have much more often.

Projects that have impressed you

I have only been with Decisio for a short time, but I must say that I have already felt a wonderful atmosphere, where I have been able to appreciate the participation and discussion with the various colleagues on each project. I think this is a great strength because it allows us to look at each activity from different perspectives, grasping its complexity but trying to summarise it clearly. I was impressed by the different projects on active mobility planning, especially cycling, such as the inter-municipal cycle paths project in the Metropolitan City of Milan. I like the possibility to combine different methods, some more quantitative like data analysis, and some more qualitative like the different aspects to be evaluated in the choice of a bicycle route. I believe that quality local planning must result from the synthesis of such approaches, since it requires to combine multiple dimensions in order to propose efficient, sustainable and beautiful solutions to citizens.