Matteo Jarre

Consultant Mobility and Energy

I’m the newcomer to Decisio, I’ve been working here since August 2019 and since I started I’ve experienced some of my most exciting and rewarding professional moments. Although I have a strong background in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, until now I have mainly dealt with cycling in Italy, especially in the field of data analysis to support planning, and together with my colleagues I also handle the communication and dissemination of results. In practice, this means spending days collecting, filtering, cataloging data and carefully choosing words to explain their meaning. Thanks to some particular work experiences made in the past, I strangely like to be put in front of an audience to explain the results of our work to clients, colleagues and in public participation meetings.

And besides work?

Once upon a time I would have given a different answer to this question, but in May 2019 Leon was born and, as they say, things have changed a little. Some things that haven’t changed are: since 2017 I live in Freiburg, Germany, which is the kind of city that I would like to see replicated in Italy as much as possible and from which I have learned a lot about how to plan the quality of life; I am married to Luna, who is the bravest person I know (not only because she married me); I strive to make our family life as balanced as possible in the chores of the house, which I really like to do; I like to invite friends to dinner and prepare the dough for the pizza 24h before.
Since Leon was born I find it a little difficult to go climbing and mountain climbing, which is another passion of mine, but I make up for it by putting him to sleep in the cart behind the racing bike and going around the black forest. I like to throw Leon up high and make him laugh like a madman while Luna looks at me inquisitively.

Projects that hit you?

I really enjoyed doing the cost-benefit analysis of the cycling plan of a small Italian city, San Donato Milanese. I enjoyed it because the work was complex both from a conceptual point of view (we created from scratch a methodology that did not exist in Italy) and from a communicative point of view, because we held 5 participatory meetings with the public in which we explained the needs of the plan and collected opinions (even negative ones) and suggestions from the public. As a team, we put together all our technical and relational skills and we managed to do a great job (our client’s word).

Which request do you receive most often from your colleagues in an email?
“Matte I found this excel with data on the price of oil in Iraq in 1974, see if you can come up with something interesting for our bike path project in Melegnano.”
What time of day / phase of a project makes you say “cool”?

When I think together with my colleagues about a complex problem, and someone comes up with a good idea and together we rework it until we are convinced, and then we think about how to present it. Then I imagine the scene, I imagine seeing a little light shining in our clients’ eyes – sometimes it happens! – and I think “we’re good!” So cool.