Cinzia Bonaria Baralla


A Master’s degree in Urban Planning, I have been passionate about active mobility, particularly at an urban scale, since my early years at University. I am fascinated by the process of studying and rethinking public space, modifying its physical features to make cities more livable and accessible, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

I am interested in projects that require the active participation of citizens, as I believe this is a fundamental contribution to achieve effective and tangible results. What I like the most about my job is being able to bring, through policies and projects, benefits to the people who actually live (in) the places I work about.

What exactly do you work on at Decisio?

I have been part of Decisio since 2021 and I work mainly on plans and projects focused on cycling and public space. Thanks to my training as a planner, I can produce cartographic elaborations using the Geographic Information System. In addition, I enjoy rethinking public space, solving problems related to its livability, and proposing design ideas that can improve both its aesthetic and its functionality. I like to take care of the graphic form of documents by working on creative layouts; moreover, I try to facilitate the comprehension of technical concepts by a wide audience through infographics and diagrams.

What is the request you get the most often from your colleagues?

“Cin, can we see something together?”

And besides work?

I love travelling, and thanks to my education I observe cities and landscapes with eyes different from that of a normal bystander. I always try to be inspired by different contexts and realities, I look for peculiarities and I am fascinated by the details: that is why I prefer to walk or cycle, as you can take in so much more by moving lightly.

I am very attached to my beloved land, Sardinia. Now I live in Turin and in the past I have lived far away, staying in three different European cities, but I try to return as much as possible to breathe in the scents of the mediterranean, immerse myself in the warmth of my family, and appreciate its value more and more.

A project of which you are particularly fond?

One project I particularly liked was the “Make way for walking and cycling” report. It’s particularly dear to me because of the topics we covered, explaining the benefits of walking and cycling. In addition to contributing content, I was able to fully develop the layout and graphics of the report and I’m very satisfied with the end result (you can see it here).

“Working at Decisio” in one word

Precious. I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of Decisio: a company that takes a holistic approach, lets itself be inspired by international best practices and principles and has a specific focus on active mobility is a rare gem in the Italian context. I believe we are a team that can help to shake things up in Italy on this issue.

Cinzia Bonaria Bar

Cinzia Bonaria Baralla

Consultant Decisio Italia

+39 324 09 63 690