Cinzia Bonaria Baralla

Junior Consultant

I recently graduated in Urban planning at the University of Sassari. Since the early years of the university I have been interested in the theme of active mobility, particularly at the urban scale, in order to deal with the importance and needs of pedestrians and cyclists. I am also interested in projects that involve the active participation of citizens, I think it is a fundamental aspect to achieve effective and tangible results.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of the Decisio team. Because a company that adopts a holistic approach, that is inspired by best practices and international principles and that has a specific focus on active mobility is a rare pearl in the Italian context: a company that has what it takes to improve the situation in Italy on this issue. For me, it is an opportunity to realize my passions, develop my professional interests and to share my knowledge.

What I like most about my job is being able to share, through policies and projects, the benefits to the people who live in certain places. Yes, it may seem a trivial concept, but it is what stimulates me to always give my best.

For my master thesis I conducted an international study on pedestrian safety in urban contexts and I came to the conclusion that in any city in the world there is still much to do … Come on, get to work!

And besides work?

I like travelling and thanks to my education I observe cities and landscapes with different points of view. I always try to be inspired by different contexts and realities, I look for local peculiarities and that’s because I prefer walking or cycling (I hate traveling by subway, it gives me bad feelings!). My last trip was to the Netherlands and I remember with pleasure the freedom of movement: I was able to reach neighboring cities simply by cycling, which is great!

Now I’m patiently waiting for the global health situation to improve so that I can resume exploring new realities. I’m still waiting for my graduation trip, Copenhagen is waiting for me!

I am very devoted to my beloved land, Sardinia, but the university has allowed me to live, in a few years, in 4 different European cities which helped me improve both personally and professionally. That’s why I can’t stay still, who knows what will be the next city to live in? Maybe Turin…

Projects that impressed you?

Although I’ve just started, I’ve been able to collaborate actively in the realization of three projects, ranging from Emilia Romagna to Piedmont, dealing mainly with the graphics. I still have to understand the completeness and complexity of the projects and every day is a great opportunity to learn new concepts and get to know different contexts. The recent challenge that I have been proposed is the Action Plan of Bicycle Mobility for the metropolitan city of Turin, who knows how many new things are waiting for me!

Lastly, I can say that I have changed my mind about my earlier worries. I thought it would be extremely complicated to be able to work in remote (hey, it’s about 500 km across the Mediterranean Sea!), but the internal and personal organization of my colleagues makes it all possible with ease.

Cinzia Bonaria Bar

Cinzia Bonaria Baralla


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