Andrea Rosso

After finishing my Bachelor in Natural Sciences and minor in International Cooperation at the University of Turin, I enrolled for a Master in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University. In addition, I obtained the Climate KIC Master Label by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. During my years in Torino I have been involved in different feminist, LGBTQI* and environmental volunteering associations, such as ‘Food Not Bombs’. Because of these experiences, I developed a passion for sustainability and environmental justice, which made me want to further investigate these topics in an academic context.

My interest in urban mobility prompted during my experience with Climate KIC Journey. There, I was responsible for the promotion of a sustainable transition in the transport sector of Bologna. From that experience I realized that this transition needs both socially-inclusive and environmentally friendly approaches. For this reason, I decided to work on a thesis which addressed a topic poorly investigated worldwide: the women’s perspective as a core value to promote the development of an inclusive and sustainable mobility identity.

Besides, during my nine-month research, I developed a woman-friendly bike system in Turin and I assessed the environmental impact of such a system. From this work, I developed a deep interest in women’s cycling mobility. Thus, this interest brought me to be part of Decisio, where I am working as an intern since March 2021.

And beyond the studies and work?
I define myself as a creative, open minded, critical thinker, emphatic and stubborn person. I am fascinated by how everything is interconnected, from the human to the natural domains. I have been living in an eco-community in the Netherlands for more than two years. Here, I try to pursuit an environmental-friendly lifestyle. I am passionate about international geopolitics, deep talks in front of a bonfire, painting and riding my bike. I like stability in relationships but I am also looking for instability in my life’s choices. For this reason, I feel lost when people ask me: where do you see yourself in the near future?. I love travelling and losing myself in big cities. The most stimulating travel? When I travelled around Europe by train for three months. I also worked for many humanitarian and environmental NGOs in Spain, Georgia, Australia, Germania and Serbia. I define myself as feminist and when someone asks me why am I since I am a man, I usually say : “for the same reason I do not need to be a panda to support WWF”.

Projects that I like?
Even though I have been working for Decisio for just a short period, I find very interesting the way Decisio approaches and tackles urban mobility. During my work in writing a report on sustainable mobility in Cesena, I have been positively impressed by the transdisciplinary approach adopted by Decisio’s team. This approach allowed me to identify those social, economic and environmental consequences of every decision. Moreover, during the last weeks I had the opportunity to investigate mobility from a gender perspective. I am working with a young, dynamic, willing to help and creative team. Well, the best working environment I could have as an intern!