Alessio Grimaldi


I graduated as a political scientist but since joining Decisio in 2018 I have been responsible for the design-oriented work we do. I started by doing few renderings of possible modifications of specific city streets in Torino, and now I manage most of the technical projects we carry out on cycling infrastructure design and public space refurbishment. Mobility spaces are the most common type of public space in our cities, in our streets there is life and (there should be) not only vehicles. My mission at Decisio is just that: to bring a social dimension into the street design process, and to promote a change that goes through planning and practical details that can make all the difference.

What exactly do you work on at Decisio?

I am the go-to guy if you want to spend hours to talk about how to modify a street space and discuss all possible technical and regulatory implications. I particularly like to focus on active mobility spaces, traffic calming solutions, and I have a great sensitivity to urban greenery, an element that I think is essential for successful projects. From words to deeds, I deal with design at the feasibility level, 3d graphic modeling, static and animated rendering of solutions, but I also actively work on urban planning and all-round mobility issues. Since 2022 I am also involved in the management and administrative part of the company.

What is the request you get the most often from your colleagues?

“Ale, can this be done?” You never stop learning, but out of necessity I have become more and more familiar with regulations and technical aspects, and I help my colleagues whenever they have a doubt.

And besides work?

My passion has become my work, so it is not uncommon for me to follow mobility and urban regeneration issues in my private time as well. However, I am also very creative and practical: I like to do stuff around the house and in the garden (where unfortunately I do not always succeed as I would like to). I love to travel as I am fascinated by how differently from me people live their lives. Sometimes even a simple bike ride is enough to enjoy and feel free. I also like to relax on the terrace, stay outside, gaze at the city with my two kittens aside, and think.

A project of which you are particularly fond?

One is not enough! Perhaps a very specific, but tremendously rewarding project: the school streets in Cuneo, in which we provided design solutions to create two school streets in the City of Cuneo as well as organized and carried out a participatory process to pitch the idea to the local residents. During the project we organized the closure of one street in front of a kindergarten and organized games, talks and other playful activities with the kids, their parents and many people from the neighborhood who came to see what was going on. What was most beautiful was seeing how a simple closure made of temporary barriers allowed adults and children to reappropriate their street with enthusiasm. I had the impression that what I do for work can really benefit people in their lives.

“Working at Decisio” in one word

Unique. It sounds like flattery, but at Decisio we share a healthy, constructive, result-oriented, and most importantly adventure-oriented approach. As colleagues, we support each other, we are free to make mistakes, learn, experiment, and grow our passions. There is trust, mutual respect, and constant appreciation of the work team.

Alessio Grimaldi

Alessio Grimaldi

Director Decisio Italia

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