Alessio Grimaldi

Advisor Decisio

I became part of Decisio in 2018 and since then I have been working mainly on many projects in Italy. We are a multi-disciplinary team that faces the work with seriousness, professionalism, but at the same time also and always in an innovative way and I believe that this is our real strength. If I had to define in one word what I do in Decisio I would use the term “translation”. By combining political skills with social, behavioural and even technical knowledge, my figure becomes an ideal link between planning and design. I am mainly active on the theme of mobility and public spaces and my “mission” is to put the objectives of planning from paper to practice in concrete ideas and measures that allow to redesign mobility spaces, improving them and making them liveable. A beautiful space for everyone means having beautiful cities for everyone.

Next to work?

I’m a creative, a bit of a dreamer, but at the same time a Savoy d.o.c.! According to those who know me I’m a very posed and rational person, who knows how to indulge in moments of “madness” capable of coloring life. I live in Turin with my partner and two pussycats. I love Turin, even if it is underestimated and never too daring. It is a beautiful city, elegant and even if austere, tremendously rich. In the morning I like to watch the mountains, the hill and the sun rising from behind Superga, it gives me energy and charges me for a nice ride. Since a few years I move mainly on two wheels, there is really no other means that allows you to feel free and go fast as a bike (quiet, I always respect traffic lights!). I’m very fond of my bike, because it was my grandfather’s and he saw me grow up. On that bike I was taken for rides in the countryside when I was 2 years old, and now, 26 years later, being able to use it again allows me to relive a pleasant memory and create new ones. Romantic, isn’t it?

Projects that impressed you?

Although it’s not much that I work with Decisio, I think the projects that have been and are most significant for me:

  • The bicilplan of Collegno (my first project for Decisio!)
  • Follow the SCM cycle path [Alpignano, Rivoli, Collegno (and Torino)] from the pre-feasibility to the first stages of construction.
  • The PRMC of the Piedmont Region (for which I am in charge of the design guidelines)
  • The Collegno Mobility Agenda (a project that started recently and that excites me a lot)