How to calculate the social impact of your bicycle investment

At Decisio we performed many social cost benefit analyses for cycling investments. And becasue we see the bicycle or cycling as an important part of our transition towards sustainable, liveable and competitive cities, we want to share our knowledge with the world!

Decisio developed webtool to calculate social costs and benefits

Decisio developed a web tool which allows everyone, everywhere, at any time of the day to calculate the social costs and benefits of a bicycle investment in just a few minutes.


Unfortunately the tool is only available in Dutch; we are working on an English version including key figures for different countries. For now, Google Translate might help you out to understand more about the web tool. The tool contains two ‘modules’: one for newly planned bicycle infrastructure and one for guarded bicycle parking facilities. Notice that the results will be applicable on the Dutch situation since we used Dutch key figures. However, the tool will give you a rough idea on the effects of a certain project.

More information

Feel free to contact us when you are interested in some deeper analysis. For more information on this project please contact Martijn Lelieveld at +31 20 670 05 62 or m.lelieveld[at]

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