The economical effects of biking: Bikenomics

Did you know that cycling investments have a much higher Return On Investment (ROI) than car and bus? And, that per kilometer cycled health benefits for € 0.64? These are some of the economic facts that derive from economic studies of Decisio in the field of cycling, cycle investments, social cost benefit analysis etc.

Decisio: economic consulting

Over the last few years Decisio | Economic Consulting specialised in economic studies of cycling and bikenomics. Our studies identify and address cycling issues and opportunities in cities, help to create strategies to deliver economic impact and help to establish supporting public programmes. Check for more background: Decisio and Bikenomics.

More info on Bikenomics

Please check our Bikenomics Flyer about some more economic facts of cycling. The Decisio Bikenomics Consulting Team is available to provide you more information on Bikenomics and your specific question in the field of bicycle, cycling, economics and societal impact.

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