Sibren Vegter


I have been working at Decisio since 2017, here I mainly carry out social cost-benefit analyses (SCBAs), business cases, economic impact studies and analyses with a strong quantitative focus. These studies cover a very diverse range of topics and themes, including: mobility, infrastructure, urbanisation, cycling, inland navigation, public transport, tourism, aviation, river cruise, and much more. In addition to the friendly and collegial atmosphere on the work floor, this diversity of projects is what makes working at Decisio so much fun. The prospect of understanding a new and challenging issue with smart and decisive colleagues is why I regularly whistle to work.

And besides work?

In addition to my work, I undertake many activities with my daughter (5), son (3) and girlfriend (30) on the weekends and on my day off. I recently moved to Amsterdam North and together with my family we try to discover as many nice places as possible. Besides the cosy family life I also like to have drinks with friends and go to festivals or parties. In the sparse hours of the evenings I sometimes go to the gym or run when the weather is nice. I also listen a lot to music to relax. Finally, together with my girlfriend I really like to travel. I’m planning to buy a camper and travel through Europe with it.

Projects that impressed you?

Every year I carry out a series of interesting projects. A number of examples, appealing to me, are:

  • Management business case Southern Randstad
  • Quantify accessibility investments Northwest Netherlands in relation to urbanisation
  • SCBA (SCBA) training – F4J/DAI Global and Ministry of Finance Palestine
  • MKBA music centre Oostpoort
  • Development SCBA tool Province of Utrecht
  • MKBA A7/A8 Corridor Amsterdam-Horn