Sebastiaan Tieleman

Consultant at Decisio

I have been working as a consultant at Decisio since the autumn of 2020. I like to work on projects that use a lot of data. Processing this data into a concrete and understandable policy advice is a very interesting challenge for me. For example, I work a lot with CBS microdata which is used for research into, among other things, migrant workers.  At the moment I am researching the use of Machine Learning methods to analyze these data. I hope to further develop the use of these methods at Decisio. Besides my work at Decisio, I am a PhD student at Utrecht University. My PhD research is about the validity of the use of particular macroeconomic models. I like the alternation between more theoretical and fundamental research at the University and the more applied research at Decisio.

And besides your work?

I recently moved to De Bilt with my girlfriend Natasja, close to Utrecht. Natasja has a biomedical background and works as an analyst. Besides my work I like to play sports. Together with a small team I run a Taekwon-Do school in Houten, where I teach and perform administrative tasks several evenings of the week. This takes quite some time but I get a lot of energy in return! Besides that, I really like cooking. There is nothing so relaxing as being in the kitchen for a while after a long day of work.

Sebastiaan Tieleman


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