Pim van der Zwet


I have been working at Decisio since 2019. First as an intern, while completing my graduation research on transit oriented development and housing value for my Masters of Economic Geography at the University of Groningen. A complex and ‘hot’ subject that matches my interests, namely: area development, real estate, regional and urban economy, infrastructure and mobility.
Subsequently, I started working as a consultant in December 2019, I am mainly involved in a wide range of social and (spatial) economic studies such as SCBAs, social business cases and economic analyses. An appealing example is our research work on international employees in the Netherlands or research into the economic and social added value of Leiden Bio Science Park. These activities give the geographer in me an enormous amount of energy, as they actually contribute to an efficient, but above all more liveable society!

And besides work?

After beautiful years I traded Groningen for Leiden. In my spare time I like to seek out the vibrations of the city by visiting cafés and among other things the weekly market. As far as sports are concerned, it’s mainly football that makes the difference. I also run around the Singel every now and then. And in other free moments I like to fill them with an interesting book.

Advocative projects

Some research themes and projects I enjoy working on or have worked on:

  • Diverse projects in the field of international employees
  • MKBA Langedijk develops with water
  • Economic analysis Meuse-Rhine Euregio
  • Effects of public procurement of public transport
  • Economic and social benefits Leiden Bio Science Park