Onno den Hoed

In March 2022 I started as a consultant at Decisio. Prior to this I completed the master Economics at Tilburg University. During the master I followed the Data Science track and the Law & Economics track. Both are relevant in the research Decisio conducts. Indeed, most research has a quantitative side to it and competition regulation is relevant in issues to do with (semi-)public sectors such as water or energy. However, working as a consultant is not only interesting in these specific topics. The projects are often socially relevant which makes it even more fun to find the best and clearest possible answer to the question at hand.

And besides your work?
When I am not working I like going outside the city to the outdoors. Either by going for a walk or a run or by going cycling on my mountain bike or road bike. When going on a holiday I therefore preferably go cycling in the hills of the Ardennes of on the mountains of France and Italy. However, I also very much enjoy being in the city where I can go for a craft beer with friends. Furthermore, I like spending a slow Sunday cooking.