Niels Hoefsloot


I have been working at Decisio since 1998 and as of 2007 I am one of the partners of Decisio. I am a regional and transport economist (University of Amsterdam) and throughout time I have accumulated a vast experience with researching the economic functioning of industries and the interaction between public and private sectors. I support decision-making processes in making informed choices: with fact-based research, and specific methods: making assessment frameworks, carrying out Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA) and drawing up monitors and evaluations. In the meantime, I have also been training policy advisers and other professionals on SCBAs and other assessment methods for more than 10 years. The subjects I enjoy working the most are Economics in a broad sense, spatial planning, traffic and transport, water, energy and nature. I like to work with people from different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives.

And besides work?

I live in Amsterdam with my wife and two daughters; I enjoy the dynamism and versatility of the city: the markets, the restaurants, the museums and shops, as well the parks. To give an example, Artis and let’s not forget to mention all the various concert halls. In addition to all of these facilities you can be anywhere by bike, while by foot you can notice how every street and neighborhood has its own character and individuality. Besides the city center we enjoy other places, for instance we have a weakness for islands. Close to home the Wadden, but certainly also in the Mediterranean. Finally, I have a mid-life hobby (already 30 years old): taking apart and reassembling motorised two-wheelers between rides.

Projects you enjoyed doing?

Nice recent projects are:

  • Analysis of the social costs and benefits of offshore wind energy
  • Analysis of Amsterdam city bridges and tunnels in Sprong over the IJ
  • Urbanization challenge Utrecht Metropolitan Region (MIRT research)
  • Social Cost Benefit Analysis – training for DAI Global in Ramallah
  • Cost-benefit analysis for the New Closure Dike