Martijn Lelieveld

Senior consultant

In the meantime I have been with Decisio for almost 10 years and in this period I’ve been involved in a lot of fun researches. The common thread is the (numerical) visualization of the effects of sustainable mobility. Especially cycling and walking, but also public transport, chain mobility and electric transport. Performing calculations carefully is one thing, but collecting and assessing useful and relevant data is often at least as much of a challenge. As a consultant I find the story behind/near the figures perhaps even more important than the figures themselves. I am always transparent about the way in which calculations are carried out and on which information they are based. Then the trick is to clearly explain in words and in writing what the figures actually say. In this way I hope that my work really contributes something to the decision making process of policies.

And besides work?

I live in Haarlem: perfect for cycling to the office on a racing bike or speed pedelec! At home I like to spend time with my family. With two sporty sons and a house of the 20s there is always something to do. We can often be found in the Kennemer dunes for a walk, cycling or running. But in summer we also just hang out on a beach – well, in between playing soccer and swimming.

Calling projects?

It is precisely the alternation between methodological and strategic studies on the one hand and more practical research on the other hand that makes the work so much fun for me. Still a selection:

  • Exploratory/potential studies (fast) cycling routes. We’ve done dozens of them throughout the Netherlands and I can’t name one that stands out. Precisely the fact that we have done so many and have been able to take the experiences of the previous surveys with us every time, makes it interesting. Thanks to these projects I have also gained a lot of traffic knowledge
  • Development methodology for SCBAs of bicycle projects. This is not one project either. Over the years we have built up a lot of expertise on ‘bicycle SCBAs’ in various projects. Because of this we are leading in the Netherlands and now also across the border
  • Hemming and Hawing. This is where it all comes together: involving stakeholders, analyzing, calculating and drawing the right conclusion
  • Currently I’m doing a secondment assignment at the province of North Holland. There I am busy with bicycle parking at railway stations. It’s very interesting and instructive to work on this from a different role. And a theme where my focus areas cycling and public transport literally and figuratively come together

Martijn Lelieveld

Senior Consultant

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