Igor Dommering

In 2021 I began my career at Decisio as an intern. At Decisio, I can learn and gain experience in a diverse and high-skilled team. After finishing my bachelor Earth, Economy and Sustainability I am now combining the master Environmental Economics with my work as an intern, in this way I gain experience and skills in two different ways. At the moment I am involved in projects in the field of infrastructure. Energy, sustainability and transport are my main fields of interest, all fields which will face major challenges the coming years in our rapid changing society. The world we live in is getting more and more populated and complex, which makes it harder for policy makers to make the right decisions. In my career, I hope to deliver valuable contributions to policies and by doing so contributing to a better and more efficient society.

And besides work?
Since I was a little boy, I love to exercise. In the daily life you could see me running in nature or working out in the gym. I love to challenge myself and to test my borders, not just at work but also in sports. During holidays I like to explore the area in an active way. Hiking and mountain biking are my favorite activities when I am on vacation. Since I was a kid I love the country of Austria, and a lot of shoes are worn out by climbing mountains there. In the future I hope to achieve my motor driving license and explore the world.