Guus Kersten

Since December 2021 I work as a consultant at Decisio. Before I started to work at Decisio I graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a master degree in Spatial, Transport & Environmental Economics (STREEM) and Environment and Resource Management (ERM). Therefore, I am an economist with a firm background in the environmental sciences. Having an interdisciplinary viewpoint and looking beyond disciplines are qualities that fit very well with Decisio. At Decisio I get the opportunity to immerse myself in a wide range of sustainable issues. The thing that motivates me in working for Decisio is that all the issues we study have a strong societal component. In the coming years it is my ambition to contribute to sound policy that will benefit society.

And besides work?
Besides work I live an active life. My passion is football; hence I am in both an indoor and outdoor team. With one training and two games a week, I am the pitch three days a week. To keep pace of the transfer rumors, I check the latest football news on a daily basis. Furthermore, I love nature. So, I fill my vacations with hiking in the mountains and other adventurous pursuits. To bring a little piece of nature inside my home I recently started a tropical aquarium. This aquarium means a continuous search for balance between plants, animals and correct water parameters.