Gerwin van der Meulen


I have been working at Decisio since 2007 and carry out a variety of projects in the field of regional and international economics, water, evaluations, policy audits and economic impact studies. In recent years I have also been active, together with an enthusiastic team of colleagues, in the field of international knowledge workers and labour migrants and issues relating to (temporary) housing, international education and the development of target groups. For this purpose, Decisio developed a national database in which all international employees (including relevant characteristics) are listed. As one of Decisio’s partners, I am also responsible for all of Decisio’s communication and marketing activities.

And besides work?

Since 2003 I live in Utrecht; together with my wife Marlies and daughter Isa. Marlies works as a data analyst in health care and Isa goes to high school. Besides my work I like to play sports. In spring and summer it’s a lot on the road bike. I also play a lot of tennis; the weekly training evening and the fun spring and autumn competition on Friday evenings. During our summer holidays we are often out and about in France; with the three of us or with friends. Even then, the racing bike always goes along on the back of the car and I cycle sweating through the French hills and mountains. Furthermore I like to ‘do chores’, if there is time for it. Then I’m busy with a circular saw and a drill to assemble a beautiful scaffolding garden bench for example.

Calling projects?

Every year I carry out a series of interesting projects. A number of examples that appeal to me are:

  • Evaluation of subsidy scheme for flood protection programme (HWBP)
  • Policy screening Article 13 Soil and Subsoil
  • Research on the housing issue of labour migrants in the province of Overijssel
  • Prognosis research international education
  • Monitor international employees in the Netherlands
  • Knowledgepaper Economy program Eems Dollard 2050