Floortje Cieraad

As of January 2023 I joined Decisio. I studied Technology, Policy and Management (BSc.) and Construction Management and Engineering (MSc.) at the Technical University Delft, therefore my background is quite technical compared to my colleagues. Despite this technical master, I obtained my MSc. with an analysis of the application of real options in investment decisions concerning asylum shelter locations. The past six years I worked at Witteveen+Bos on projects in the built environment and area development. My experience with SCBA contains both natural capital valuations and engineering of cables and pipes systems in residential areas.

And besides work?
I used to live and work in The Hague, but since the summer of 2020 I moved in with my partner in Amsterdam. I am an ambitious amateur athlete, so most of my free time is spent running, cycling or swimming. My recovery between training consists mostly of drinking coffee with friends, watching cycling or speedskating races or reading a book.