Diane Stiemer

In the beginning of 2022 I started working as an advisor at Decisio. My expertise lies in conducting research on various themes, with my main interest being a combination of sustainability and urban planning. After obtaining my economics degree at the University of Amsterdam, I worked as a researcher at the Economic Institute of Construction. This is where I improved my skills in quantitative research methods by performing macroeconomic and policy analyses. After this I started working as an advisor at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), where I gained experience in qualitative research methods, executing surveys and translating these results into clear and understandable conclusions. Translating complicated issues and results into concrete actions is what I would describe as one of my best qualities.

And besides work?
Me and my boyfriend Dennis live in Diemen and are actively looking for a home in Amsterdam, but it is quite a challenge to succeed. At the end of a workday I love to work out to clear my mind. Furthermore, having dinner with friends and family is something I enjoy very much and I can also relax and binge a show on Netflix.