Daan van Gent

Senior consultant

As a senior consultant at Decisio, I am active in all our fields of work. I work on social cost-benefit analyses, policy evaluations, impact analyses and strategic policy explorations on a variety of themes. The common denominator in these projects is bringing out and valuing the social value of policy and policy investments. In recent years, I have focused in particular on following social themes: I am closely involved in the integral housing and urbanization task in various areas of the Netherlands, in which we use our SCBA expertise to assess the utility and necessity of the substantial investments needed to develop these areas in a livable and sustainable way. The task of keeping the Netherlands internationally competitive for international companies and international talent, in particular, we contribute with analyses to the soft business climate for this group. This includes offering sufficient international education across the broad spectrum (including internationalization of regular education), and as Decisio we support them with feasibility studies and strategic analyses. In a broader sense, in recent years I have been increasingly involved in policy evaluations and evaluations of subsidy schemes, with the main aim of ‘evaluating to learn’.

And in addition to your work?

I’ve been working at Decisio since 2013 and for as long as that I’ve been living in Utrecht with my girlfriend Kim. Our son Vigo joined us at the end of 2018. Besides taking care of Vigo and playing a lot of games I try to fulfill my sporting ambitions in my spare time. I play soccer in a team of friends on a dubious level, but experience and fanaticism on the field aren’t inferior to the pros. It’s all about the atmosphere and maintaining valuable friendships. In order to keep my condition up to scratch, I sometimes jog around.

Advocative projects?

My work is very varied, this is also reflected in the multitude of projects in which I am involved. A number of examples that appeal to me are:

    • Maatschappelijke businesscase Zuidelijke Randstad (integral urbanisation task in Zuid-Holland, in which living, working and sustainable mobility come together)
    • MKBA Jump over ‘t IJ (municipality of Amsterdam)
    • Research and development of a forecasting model for international education
    • Research into the accessibility of Dutch education for international children
    • Interim evaluation of regional economic policy province of Overijssel
    • KBA iCentrale (task to monitor and operate road and water infrastructure in the Netherlands smarter and more efficiently)