Getting started with electric mobility for a sustainable society

For many years, Decisio’s consultants have supported their clients in the field of electric transport. We are well versed in this field and up to date with the latest developments. We investigate and advise independently and with an open mind. For example, when it comes to the effectiveness of various policy instruments or linking the theme of ‘electric transport’ with the energy transition.

Boosting further electric transport

Much has already been achieved in recent years, partly through the promotion of regional authorities. Think of the strong growth in the number of electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure realised, standardisation of plugs and the joint communication systems between charging stations. Nevertheless, the electric car is not yet competitive (enough) with conventional cars in several respects. Without government intervention, the market share is therefore unlikely to increase rapidly. And, the targets for the number of electric vehicles on the road may not be met. In addition, the energy and climate targets require a substantial increase in the share of renewable energy in our energy supply in the coming years. Electric vehicles can play a role in this by smart charging and by storing electricity. In order to increase the use of electric transport and the share of sustainably generated energy, the regional authorities need to direct the charging infrastructure. Other regional incentives are also needed to achieve the policy goals.

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