Water safety, quality and management

Working on future-proof water safety and water system

The Dutch dyke and water system in a densely populated delta has a long history. Over the years, water safety, water quantity and water quality have demanded our attention. As a result of climate change in recent decades, heat stress, prolonged drought and extreme flooding at peak times increasingly demand our attention.

Water safety

In the Netherlands, we are continuously working on the safety of our coast and the primary and secondary water defences. The national government and water boards are investing in the reinforcement of flood defences in order to meet the required safety standards. Decisio supports the national government, provinces and water boards in water safety tasks. This includes research into the costs and benefits of integrated dike reinforcement projects which, in addition to strengthening measures, often include opportunities for cooperation in the fields of agriculture, nature and the environment or recreation and tourism. We also carry out regular evaluations of policy and subsidy schemes.

Water quality and quantity

Various parties, including central government, water boards and provinces, are working hard on the Water Framework Directive (WFD) to improve the quality of ground and surface water in line with European directives. In addition to sufficient water quality, water quality is also a subject of research into the questions that clients ask us. For example, in policy evaluations or social cost-benefit analyses.

Hittestress, drought and extreme flooding

Particularly in recent years, climate changes have become more and more tangible. Higher temperatures, drought or a lot of precipitation have various social and spatial consequences. Whether it concerns damage to nature and infrastructure, nuisance in the built environment or loss of production in agriculture. Questions about heat stress, prolonged drought and extreme flooding are therefore playing an increasingly important role in our research and consultancy work for clients. For example, when it comes to research into the social effects and possible solutions.

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