Tourism, recreation and events

Visitors, spending behaviours and the economic effects

The market for tourism, recreation and events is growing; for years. In the Netherlands, it is one of the sectors on which governments are focusing. Among other things by investing in new tourist and recreational facilities. Decisio helps governments to do this by evaluating recreational and tourism policy or investments beforehand or afterwards and assessing their social impact and significance.

Sight on policy and effects

Decisio carries out a variety of assignments in the field of tourism, recreation and events. Our services provide a broad range of research to gain insight into the effects of policies. Our agency has broad knowledge and expertise, particularly in the field of:

  • water recreation and tourism
  • water-bound and water-recreational activity, including nautical cluster
  • water, coast and economy
  • sea and river cruise
  • Tourism, recreation and cycling
  • measurement of visitor numbers using mobile phone data
  • economic impact accommodation

Use mobile phone data

How many visitors does a tourist area or event attract? How long will they stay? And, does an event lead to local overnight stays? Such insights are of great value. They are, for example, crucial insights for determining the economic impact. Decisio and fellow agency Mezuro have a reliable method to map out the number of visitors, their travel pattern and their length of stay. With the mobile phone data we investigated, among other things, the visit to various coastal towns, Sail and the start of the Giro d’Italia.

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  • Sustainable Mobility & Infrastructure
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  • Energy & Water
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  • Regional and urban economy
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