International employees and organisations

Internationalisation of the labour market and the economy

In recent years, economic research and consultancy firm Decisio has carried out various studies into international knowledge workers and labour migrants in The Netherlands, issues surrounding the housing of labour migrants, international education and the economic significance of international companies and organisations.

International business climate

The Dutch economy is growing and the demand for employees is substantial. Companies are increasingly deploying international knowledge workers and labour migrants to meet the growing labour demand. These international workers are staying in The Netherlands for a short or longer term. This brings a variety of issues, especially for the regional expat centres and their services around (temporary) housing of labour migrants, the capacity of international schools, the economic impact and significance of international companies and organisations in the region.

Decisio supports municipalities, provinces, ministries and school boards with questions about the number of international employees, their most important characteristics and what this means for the regional economy.

Monitor ‘International Employees

Since 2014, Decisio has developed in-house the ‘International Employees’ monitor. At municipal level and (partly) at postcode level, we provide insight into, among other things:

  • The number of international employees (knowledge workers and labour migrants) who live and work in a region.
  • What sector they work in and what they earn
  • How long they have been economically active in the Netherlands
  • Where do they come from, how old they are and how they live: family composition, sale/rental house and WOZ value

Our monitor contains data from 2010 to the present and is based on CBS Microdata.

Housing issues labour migrants

As a result of economic growth, the housing market in the Netherlands is becoming tight. Labour migrants are also looking for a place to live. Suitable temporary or more structural housing for this growing group of labour migrants is not always available. In a housing market that is under pressure, this sometimes leads to displacement and (temporary) solutions are sought by living in holiday parks, camping out in regular houses or living in or near company buildings. While from several perspectives it is rather desirable to arrange the housing of labour migrants well (structurally) in the short and longer term. It is therefore important to take a good look at the housing issue surrounding labour migrants from both the ‘economy’ and the ‘housing’ perspective. That is why Decisio collaborates with research agency Companen in this area.

International education

Due to the increasing internationalisation of the Dutch labour market, the demand for international education has grown in recent years. In ten years time, the number of students in international schools has more than doubled. There is also a further internationalization of Dutch education. Against this background, Decisio, sometimes in cooperation with B&T, conducts prognosis studies into the (regional) development of the number of international children and market and feasibility studies for international schools.

International companies and organisations

The importance of international organisations (such as NGOs or embassies) and companies in the Netherlands is growing. These organisations not only bring international knowledge, employment and spending to the Netherlands, but also contribute to a favourable business climate, the international image, the development and sharing of knowledge and cultural diversity in the Netherlands. However, making and keeping our business climate attractive for international organisations and companies in the Netherlands also depends on government investment. In addition, the question is regularly asked as to what this yields for local citizens. Decisio is experienced in providing insight into the economic significance of international organisations and companies for society. We do this by means of economic impact and feasibility studies, among other things.

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