Decisio: bicycle economics

fietsThe bicycle, cycling, bicycle economics and the bicycles’ impact on society (or ‘Bikenomics’) is becoming increasingly popular among cities, municipalities and regions. Many cities around the world are starting to explore their possibilities to stimulate the use of bicycles within their urban society and infrastructure. For instance, for its positive impact on health, environment, city traffic, the city economy etc. The trend of the growing popularity of the bicycle calls for intensive research on how to prepare and take action for a growing market share of ‘cycling’ within the urban modal split.

We know how: consulting and research in field of bicycle

slider_vondelparkDecisio | Economic Consulting has broad experience in the field of economic research and consulting with regard to the bicycle, cycling, bicycle economics and bicycles impact on society. Based in a cycling city and country (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) ‘par excellence’ we can build on extensive knowledge on the benefits of cycling to cities and countries. During the last years we specialised in:

  • Research on insights in all social costs and benefits of the bicycle / cycling (SCBA method)
  • Economic impact analyses of the city ‘cycling’ economy
  • Feasibility studies and business cases for:
    • Investments in cycling infrastructure and measures such as bicycle lanes, bicycles highway routes, bicycle bridges, safety etc.
    • Bicycle parkings, facilities and measures
  • Mobility scans
  • Market inventories

Our offer

The Decisio Bikenomics Consulting Team is at your disposal for any enqueries with regard to your city cycling projects, investments or measures. We are more than happy to discuss with you the contents of your bicycle projects and give an overview of what the economic bicycle experts of Decisio can contribute to your project. For instance, with regard to societal and economic impact of the project, the business case and/or feasibility.

Project information on Bikenomics

Please check background information on some of the Bikenomics projects we have undertaken in recent times.

More information on Bikenomics?

The Decisio Bikenomics Consulting Team consists of six experts who are available to provide you more information on Bikenomics and your specific question in the field of bicycle, cycling, economics and societal impact. Please, feel free to contact us.

For more information on Bikenomics, please contact:

Kees van Ommeren, partner Decisio, 0031 – 20 – 670 05 62, or c.vanommeren[at]
Martijn Lelieveld, consultant Decisio, 0031 – 20 – 670 05 62, or m.lelieveld[at]