Workshop on social cost benefit analysis for bicycle investments

  • 5 February 2015

At the meeting of the EU CycleCities program in November 2014 in Piraeus, Greece, Decisio was asked to organize a workshop on social cost benefit analysis for bicycle investments for the 8 partners of the program. The workshop was attended by urban planners, academics and other professionals in the field of urban mobility who represented their city within this program.

Quick scan social cost benefit analysis

Decisio made a quick scan social cost benefit analysis on a bike share system which was recently implemented in a part of Athens. Our focus was on explaining the social cost benefit analysis of this project, the methodology and the possibilities of SCBA for the decision making process. In the second part of the workshop some of the assumptions behind the calculations in the workshop (how many people will use the system? how long will they cycle?) were discussed in little groups. The adjustments to these assumptions were directly implemented in the model so that we were actually performing a cost benefit analysis on site with the whole group!

A workshop like this is a good way to get a feeling of what social cost benefit analysis can contribute in your own activities as a spatial planner, politician or mobility professional.

More information

For more information on this project or about the possibilities of organizing a workshop, please contact Kees van Ommeren (c.vanommeren[at] or contact us by phone at +31 20 670 05 62.

Check also the Decisio website page on Bicycle Economics.

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