The Hague lives up to slogan ‘International City of Peace and Justice’

  • 16 January 2018

The Hague continues to reap the benefits from its status as International City of Peace and Justice. For the fifth time Decisio conducted the economic impact analysis of international organisations in the Greater The Hague Area. This way developments in the sector can be monitored. The study shows for example that the security cluster and legal cluster grow rapidly. This means that the policy of attracting these type of organisations is successful.
In the past ten years there was a continues growth of the total number of international organisations and the growth of jobs in international organisations is constantly higher than growth in the total employment in The Hague region. This indicates that the sector is less sensitive to fluctuations and provides a stable factor for the economy of The Hague.

Some findings

In 2016 455 international organisations were located in The Hague region. Together these organisations account for 20,400 jobs and 2.8 billion euro in direct expenditures. Expats, visitors and suppliers of the various international organisations collectively spend another 3.1 billion euro and create a total of 18,100 jobs. The majority of the indirect employment is done by intermediate and low educated people. Directly and indirectly, international organisations account for more than 38,500 jobs and 5.8 billion euro in spending which would not have occurred if these international organisations had not settled in the area.

Download the report

The report ‘Economic impact of international organisations, NGO’s, embassies, international schools and knowledge institutions’ published by Decisio can be downloaded here. More information about The Hague City of Peace and Justice can be found here.

More information

For questions about the economic impact of international organisations in The Hague, you can contact Kees van Ommeren (c.vanommeren[at] or call 020-6700562.

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