Bicycle highway route in the Arnhem – Nijmegen region

  • 5 February 2015

The accessibility by car is under pressure in several areas within the Arnhem-Nijmegen region, especially during rush hours. Newly planned residential areas and business parks will reinforce this pressure even more. Good cycle routes can seduce car drivers to switch from car to their bicycle.

Commisioned by the City region of Arnhem-Nijmegen, Decisio explored the possibilities of two different bicycle highway routes in the region. We analyzed the potential use of these routes and gave an image of the social costs and benefits of both routes.

Measuring expected amount of cyclists

The first route would connect several business parks with residential areas in Arnhem, Rheden, Westervoort, Duiven and Zevenaar. Along with a group of local stakeholders at municipalities, the regional body and the Province of Gelderland, we developed a set of measures for three different scenarios:

  • Minimum quality
  • Highway route
  • Highway route plus

On every set of measures we analyzed how many cyclists could be expected. After that we carried out a quick scan social cost benefit analysis, zooming in at different parts of the route. Within the project we had special attention for consultation with the officials and politicians in order to come up with a broadly based plan. The same steps were followed for a second route, between Arnhem, Renkum and Wageningen.

More information

For more information on this project please contact Martijn Lelieveld at +31 20 670 05 62 or m.lelieveld[at]

Check also the Decisio website page on Bicycle Economics.

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