Paolo RuffinoPaolo Ruffino joined Decisio in 2016 as conomic consultant. His main expertise is in the field of bicycle planning and Bikenomics. Paolo is responsible for multiple economic research and advices assignments in the Netherlands and Italy. Over the years he worked on several interesting bicycle and Bikenomics projects. Some examples of his work in this field are:

  • Regional Bicycle Program of Lombardy and Regional Bicycle Program of Piedmont
  • HANDSHAKE – H2020
  • Bicycle Plan of Collegno
  • SCBA Metropolitan Cycle Service of Turin
  • SCBA Bicycle Highway Aalsmeer – Hoofddorp – Schiphol

“Experiencing Dutch cycling culture really changed my life and shaped my career. Now I am working so that many more people around the world can embrace cycling not only as means of transport but as a way of life”.